Welcome to the softer side of Creative Portraits.

Ok, no, not really.  But this is where we get to share.  Share the stories behind the pictures.  Share weird things we do.  Share tips and tricks for making your portraits even more fabulous.  Share recipes involving chocolate.  Because seriously, who doesn't love chocolate.  Ok, my sister, but she's weird.

Now, sit back, grab a bag of M&M's and enjoy the ride...  ;o)

I'm Too Tired in Redding, CA

September 09, 2015
Ok. I must be too tired. Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed I had my underwear on inside-out all day. Wow. Now that just means Monica was up entirely t...
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Why Is Professional Photography in Redding, CA So Expensive

September 08, 2015
I had someone question my business practices and pricing the other day. I tried explaining, but it fell on deaf ears - she was beyond explanations. There's a reason (or t...
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The Smoke Has Cleared in Redding, CA

September 07, 2015
Let's get outdoors and create some awesome (and FUN) Senior Portraits!
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Weddings and Engagements and First Kisses in Redding, CA

June 15, 2015
Wedding Season is in full-force here in NorCal! We have had so many different experiences as Wedding Photographers, so we thought we'd share a few with you! The Groom...
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Military Families Are OUR Family in Redding, CA

June 11, 2015
I always wanted to be an astronaut. If I had the chance today, I would absolutely strap myself to a rocket and head to the stars. Something about the darkness and the sta...
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