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The most awesomest things you should know about Me:

1. Kraft Mac-N-Cheese is a staple at my house. I know it’s orange and comes in a powdered format, but that is some good cheesey yumminess.

2. Instead of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, I became a lifelong, diehard fan instead.

3. I have incredible monkey-like toes. Can’t brush my teeth with them, but ask me to grab a pencil off the floor, and I’m your girl.

4. Five out of Seven Continents? Done. Scuba diving in Thailand? Done. Eating fish-n-chips in London? Done. Hammered away at the Berlin Wall? Done.

5. Grandkids? Yup. Got four of ‘em. Ok, I inherited them when I married Lou, but I still claim them – plus, they’re flippin adorable!  Abby, Joe, Ollie, and Big Willie (as I like to call him, but he hates it).

6. Purple is kinda my thing. Nail polish, hair color, walls in the studio, flip flops, sharpies.

7. Speaking of sharpies… I’m kind of obsessed with writing instruments. I love fat pens. Big huge ink is where it’s at for me. That ultra-fine ballpoint crap – not for me. Gimme a 1.2mm purple gel pen and I’m yours forever.

8. Moje imię jest Monika i mówię Język polski. I can even pronounce that.

9. I’m a veteran and my husband is a retired Army Intel Officer. I bleed red, white, and blue.

10. Although she’s gone, my mom lives on in my laugh – you could find us in any restaurant without even looking – put me, my sister, and my mom at a table and you’d be turning down your hearing aid for sure.

Oh, and I’m a Photographer. ;o)